Virtual Instruments Upgrade in sight

It’s time for a tech update in context with a rehash of my “customer journey” through the world of sample libraries: I started out with samples in 2001 with Vienna Symphonic Library (then called “Opus 1”, later “Vienna Special Edition”). I think I kind of excelled at using them for my compositions, but increasing expectations… Continue reading Virtual Instruments Upgrade in sight

Your Name, My Name, Our Name… naming matters!!

Recently I released my latest composition Don’t Forget My Name on streaming services worldwide. You probably think that the album title doesn’t matter too much. Well, that’s what I thought too. Let me tell you a story… It all started with the legal question of how to label the composition altogether. For obvious reasons the… Continue reading Your Name, My Name, Our Name… naming matters!!

Rescore Project finished: “Your Name”

I’m happy to share with you the final version of my latest rescore project, the 2016 anime Your Name, and also the story behind it: My daugther immediately fell in love with the book and the film and showed it to me. While we were watching she said in more than one instance that she… Continue reading Rescore Project finished: “Your Name”

End Credits Music for “Your Name”

The end of the year is near and it’s fitting that I share with you the one track from my #GuessTheRescore challenge that I haven’t included in my advent calendar yet. I’m talking about the (of course alternate) End Credits to the anime movie Your Name. For composers the End Credits are always a great… Continue reading End Credits Music for “Your Name”

Guess-The-Rescore #24 – Searching and Epilogue

We’ve come to the end – the end of the film and the end of this advent calendar. Below you find the answer to the rescore riddle. I hope you had fun and enjoyed listening to the music even if you didn’t find out or don’t know the film at all. I had a great… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #24 – Searching and Epilogue

Guess-The-Rescore #23 – The Comet

We have arrived at the key moment of the story. The music accompanies the girl who’s tried so much to avoid the catastrophe, but ultimately seems to have failed. The music starts when she has no strength left, spending her last thoughts on her love. Suddenly that gives her the strength to get up, carry… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #23 – The Comet