Stranger Things – Alternate Van Chase

The Van Chase is one of two key scenes picked by Erik Woods (Cinematic Sound Radio) for my personal composing challenge. The goal was to see what a different scoring approach does with those scenes. What you see below is the Van Chase scored with a more traditional orchestral approach and the intent of reflecting… Continue reading Stranger Things – Alternate Van Chase

It started with a kiss

First of all, thanks for the surprisingly big interest in my #StrangerThingsAlternateScore project. After developing some themes and motives in step 1, here’s step 2 in my endeavour to try out a different musical approach and find out what it does with the show. Again, this is not about proving anything or anyone right or… Continue reading It started with a kiss

Stranger Things have happened

The release of Stranger Things Season 2 has sparked an interesting discussion on Twitter recently, particularly in one of Erik Woods’ (Cinematic Sound Radio) tweets. It was discussed whether the music of Stranger Things be bad storytelling or not. Opinions naturally vary. Interesting thing is, I hadn’t noticed any lack of effectiveness, and I’m a… Continue reading Stranger Things have happened

My entry for the ShowUsYourMusicalGenius Composing Challenge

There has been an interesting challenge around Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe set it up, allowing composers to come up with their own main title for the National Geographic feature Genius (which is about Albert Einstein). I learnt about the composing challenge just a few hours before closing, and Lorne Balfe commented that I’d still have… Continue reading My entry for the ShowUsYourMusicalGenius Composing Challenge