The Third Act

In 1890’s London two befriended magicians become competing enemies, fighting each other to the blood for the best trick ever seen. While doing so, they sacrifice it all, friendship, family, love and ultimately themselves.

The composition mirrors the historical setpieces, the newly discovered electricity as a major theme of the story and the dramatic moments of the story which has been published as the novel “The Prestige” and turned into a movie in 2006.

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TrackScene PictureNameLengthDownload
2.Travel to Colorado Springs1:43
3.Electric Fence0:48
4.Old Man's Trick, Pillow Talk1:57
5.The Machine1:19
6.Drowning, Funeral2:39
7.Shooting A Finger0:52
8.A New Venture4:32
9.Talking Secrets, Lights2:58
10.The Fair, Tailing Borden, Jess2:52
11.Tesla, Olivia, Best Trick Ever Seen3:12
12.Enter the Double1:05
14.Love and Realization4:01
15.Tesla's Farewell Gift2:48
16.Broken Family2:27
17.Sneaking Backstage1:32
18.Lord Caldlow's Good Bye3:03
19.Finale and Resolution6:34