Michael J. Lewis,
legendary film composer, about “The Bat-Murderer”

Erik Woods,
host of Cinematic Sound Radio, about “Stranger Things Rescore”

Well… that’s just $%&@ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!
You created a REAL sense of urgency and excitement without playing THROUGH the scene the way the original score did! BRAVO! A MAJOR upgrade!

More voices from Twitterverse:

“Absolutely perfect.” – @dboehmke

“If there is a third season for Stranger things ( and there will be), I hope the soundtrack will sound more like what @xanderscores has done than the all synth. thing we got. It has a Jerry Goldsmith vibe.” – @Tarektoverso

“Really good!! And you managed to include the James Horner piano danger motif!” – @MaestroDane

Fellow composers about my rescoring projects: