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“Well… that’s just $%&@ing AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!! You created a REAL sense of urgency and excitement without playing THROUGH the scene the way the original score did! BRAVO! A MAJOR upgrade!”
Erik Woods, host of Cinematic Sound Radio

“You are very good and your orchestral colors are excellent. Keep at it.
Keep composing. Every day. Never miss a day.”

Michael J. Lewis, legendary film composer

“Really good!! And you managed to include the James Horner piano danger motif!”
– Dane Walker, composer

“If there is a third season for Stranger things …, I hope the soundtrack will sound more like what @xanderscores has done than the all synth. thing we got. It has a Jerry Goldsmith vibe.”
– tarektoverso

“Very impressive, …, the sound and mix are very good. I liked you orchestral color choices most of the time. … I think your score works at least as well as the original, perhaps better, simply from an audience perspective.”
– Paul McGraw

“Wow very nice work. I particularly enjoyed “Eleven Saves Mike” … your music enhances the suspense so well. Seriously I don’t know why director of this movie wouldn’t hire you.”
– agitato

“This is very impressive! … Very decent recordings, well thought through orchestrations, quite a worthy alternative for the original scores. … Congratulations!”
– Jos Wylin

“Absolutely perfect.”
– dboehmke