About me

Welcome! My name is  and this is my site as a composer for films and multimedia.

I started playing the piano at 6 and quit studying the piano at 14 (when girls were much more fun). Fortunately, my physics teacher rekindled my interest in music by showing me the magic of synthesizers. I learned about sound design, re-arranged famous themes from movies and TV and eventually started recording my own compositions.

After high school I taught myself composition, counterpoint and orchestration. 2005 I started working with the renown Vienna Symphonic Library and specialized in re-creating the power and emotion of symphonic orchestras in my studio.

With commercial commissions since 2006 for podcasts, short films and even a US feature film (for which I’m credited in the IMDB), my expertise in film music composition increased and so did my work flow: For Able Danger I composed and produced (!) 72 minutes of music within 8 days time.

So far my experience encompasses around 500 minutes of music in a wide array of styles, from science-fiction and fantasy to thriller, noir and psychological drama. And in case you’re wondering what exactly makes me the one composer to score your movie, I’ll tell you:

I’m a hell of a storyteller, so let’s tell your story together!

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