Welcome to my site as a composer for films and multimedia.

My musical upbringing started at the age of 6 with classical piano and music education. As I felt increasingly drawn to the world of big orchestral sounds and film music I eventually turned to the world of sound design and orchestration by re-arranging film and TV themes. At 16 I started producing my own compositions with synthesizers. After high school I taught myself composition, counterpoint and orchestration and composed orchestral suites in the style of film music. 2005 I started working with the renown Vienna Symphonic Library and specialized in re-creating the power and emotion of symphonic orchestras with the use of virtual instruments.

I’ve had commercial commissions since 2006 for podcasts, short films and even a US feature film for which I’m credited in the IMDB. My experience encompasses around 800 minutes of music in a wide array of styles, from science-fiction and fantasy to thrillers, film noir and psychological drama.

I strongly believe that every film, every media, deserves the best music possible to come to life and that visual media need living, breathing music to communicate with the audience. That’s why I’ve specialized in the use of symphonic orchestra sounds combined with state-of-the-art hybrid elements to convey action, emotion and drama as they are the main ingredients of good storytelling.

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