The Curse of the White Wolf

I composed The White Wolf in 1995 as a soundtrack to a fantasy story. (If you’re interested in the story, you can check out the Music-and-picture video below or on YouTube.)

The music was inspired by the works of Bruckner and Tchaikovsky which impressed me very much at that time. The music was produced with a Korg 01W synthesizer with a built-in sequencer for no more than 16 tracks. In 2016 I re-arranged The Curse of The White Wolf for the use of state-of-the-art Vienna Symphonic Library samples to give it the sound it deserved.

The Curse of the White Wolf has been released on global music services!
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Featured Track: The Gathering of the Wolves

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1.Winter Theme2:08
2.Signpost, Wolf Chase2:29
3.The Village3:20
4.Night Sky1:50
5.The Tower1:46
6.Tavern Music1:51
8.Defending the Village1:47
9.The Gathering of the Wolves2:44
10.The Amulet1:05
12.Finale at the Lake3:49
13.Return and End Credits1:45

Featured Video: The Curse of the White Wolf – Music and Picture