Thunder Island

Inspired by the works of legendary Austrian composers Erich Wolfgang Korngold and Max Steiner and of course also paying homage to those who succeeded them like Lee Holdridge or John Debney, this composition is one of my first adventure scores. Composed in 1996 and produced only with the use of a Korg 01W synthesizer, I’m very happy to see my musical vision come to life after so many years with the use of a state-of-the-art virtual orchestra!

Thunder Island contains everything you would expect from a large-scale symphonic swashbuckler movie score. The music tells the story of two competing pirates and their crews hunting for a long lost magic diadem. Starting out with a treasure map being sold in a shady tavern, then setting sails to Thunder Island, marching through deep jungle and being chased by cannibals – it’s all there up to a grand final battle which only one can emerge victorious from.

The album Thunder Island has been released on all major streaming services.
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