Batman vs. Hush Pt. 1

This composition is soundtrack to an animation bringing to life the famous and beloved Batman comic (or rather: graphic novel) “The Hush”. In this exciting story the darknight detective is targeted by an unknown enemy who seems to know his weak spots suspiciously well and uses all of Gotham’s villains against him.

The story is a modern take on the Batman, dark and gritty, with a touch of “noir” and lots of famous characters and twists and turns. I re-used the Batman theme which I introduced in my composition “The Dark Guardian: A Murderer?”, but instead of applying it in a superhero-kind of way, I used it only as an occasional leitmotiv, leaving space for new themes like the ones composed for Huntress and Catwoman.

SOON! The Dark Guardian will be available on all global music services!

Did you know that you can watch still videos to this composition on my personal YouTube channel? Here’s one of them – enjoy!