Able Danger

Able Danger is a US conspiracy thriller/drama starring Elina Löwensohn and Adam Nee. Tom Flynn is a young journalist who gets himself in deep trouble by uncovering secrets behind 9/11 and falling for a devious woman. The movie premiered in 2008. Both movie and score make use of film noir stylistics and contemporary elements.

I composed and produced the score within 2 weeks’ time. You can watch the movie with my complete music score (playing a bit louder than in the final version) on YouTube.

The music for Able Danger is inspired by Jerry Goldsmith and Bernard Herrmann, since the director primarily hired me to provide the “old-school symphonic, Herrmann-like” parts of the score. (Interestingly enough, it was my pitch for the more contemporary Airport Surveillance cue that got me the job.)

Featured Track: To Times Square

Track / CueNameLengthDownload
1.+2.Opening and Dream Sequence1:23
3.Airport Surveillance0:53
4.+5.Titles, Riding the Bike1:20
6.At The Computer0:42
7.Kasia At Voxpop2:33
8.Basement Talk1:30
9.To Times Square0:59
10.From Dinner Talk to Open Questions1:46
11.-13.A Patsy, Mikey's Murder, The Call4:05
14.Introducing Bundy0:29
15.The Box0:50
16.TV Nightmare0:40
18.-22.Park, Pornshop and Escape4:36
23.Church Nightmare0:42
24.Voxpop Surveillance0:49
25.-26.Computer and Phone0:31
27.Business with Axel0:31
29.It's Able Danger, Ride To Kasia's Hiding Place1:13
30.+31.Kasia At The Door, Getting Rid Of The Bike1:50
32.Of Good Guys and Bad Guys0:52
33.+34.Axel's Lair, Walking Home2:53
35.Living Room Talk1:42
36.Living Room Nightmare0:41
37.Return To Voxpop, Luther's Call2:45
38.Shock Treatment1:52
39.Taken To Luther1:06
40.Luther's Place0:35
41.+42.Nathan Chased, Insanity, Losing Faith1:38
43.Nathan's Death, Pursuit2:01
44.At Gunpoint1:04
45.Kill Him!1:23
46.Resolution and Kiss1:48
47.+48.Final Scene1:35
49.Epilogue and End Credits2:48

Featured Video: Able Danger (2008)