Araclia Role-playing Game Music

The Araclia Role-playing Game Music was composed in 2006 to provide symphonic background music for the German pen&paper role-playing game Araclia┬áproduced by AceOfDice. Each track conveys a particular kind of mood and some tracks are even designed so they can be played in a loop. The challenge was to not have the music interfere with the game master’s narration. Additionally I tried to include some recurring elements, themes and motives, so that the music also be enjoyable for itself and inspiring aside of the gaming table.

There are a few interesting things happening throughout the album. For the first time ever I introduced my own voice in one of my works, whispering ritual words to the music in the track Ritual. This track and Archaic are also cluster-based, which is something that I hadn’t done before. I’d like to think of the Araclia Role-playing Game Music as a major step in my musical evolution.


Featured Track: Excerpts from the album


1.Introduction, stately1:04
2.Bustling Town1:22
3.Tavern Scene1:00
4.Journey, light0:47
5.Beauty, ethereal1:32
6.Noblesse oblige1:13
7.Morning, relaxed0:22
9.Preparations for Battle1:03
10.Into Break0:18
11.Break Music1:17
12.End of Break0:24
14.Journey, laborious2:01
16.Scenery, dark1:29
17.Scenery, eerie1:18
18.Night, calm0:37
19.Danger, impending0:33
20.Vision, Revelation0:44
24.Combat, Battle1:54
26.Epilogue, failure2:32
27.Epilogue, success2:06