Polyeder Podcast Music

In 2012 I had the pleasure to compose my first podcast music for the role-playing game podcast Polyeder Podcast. Podcast music is a particularly tricky thing, because people hear the same music every time they listen to an episode. It’s got to be appealing, simple, yet it must not be tiring to the ears of the audience.

I managed to come up with a set of cues in various variations and lengths, from intro and outro to bumpers and even a celebration fanfare (for the 50st episode). To give them something in common, I always used the motif from the second half of the intro in one way or the other, and also the Stylus RMX drum elements which are at the core of the instrumentation.

Featured Track: Intro Music

3.Celebration Intro0:20
4.Bumper (short)0:06
5.Bumper (long)0:24