Stranger Things (alternate)

The Stranger Things alternate orchestral score project was started by a discussion on Twitter about the original score which led to the question how it would have turned out if the TV show had been scored with a more traditional, orchestral approach. I took the self-imposed challenge to score a number of key scenes from Season One with symphonic samples, not to prove anything, but to experiment with the visuals and how they were affected by a completely different score.

The music is inspired by 80’s composers and features themes for Eleven and the kids as well as a “Danger” motif for the Upside Down. You can check the themes as I developed them beforehand on piano on my YouTube channel.


1.Main Titles0:53
2.Eleven Saves Mike, Sorry2:57
3.Van Chase2:07
4.The Kiss1:18
5.Demogorgon Finale2:33




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