Welcome to my musical portfolio! My works consist of about 800 minutes of music, covering a wide range from game music to podcast signature music to even feature and short film scores. On this page you are provided a hand-picked selection which I hope you enjoy. Some albums are also available on global music streaming services. If you’re a producer and looking for something in particular, let me know!

Recent projects include:


Don't Forget My NameThe Day Of The FalconThe Dark Guardian: A Murderer?
Ghostly Place, History
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Escape With A Prayer
Did She Speak?
The Curse Broken
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Confrontation At The Zoo
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FaendalarThe Curse Of The White WolfAble Danger
Land of the Faeries (Main Title)
Shadows in the Forest
Thessonian Invasion
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Gathering of the Wolves
Return and End Credits
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Airport Surveillance
Taken to Luther
To Times Square
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IncogPolyeder PodcastSoundtrack Alley Podcast
Main Titles
The Woods, The Crows
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Intro Music
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