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Third ActPrologue

A New Venture

Love and Realization
psychological, drama, suspense, love

The Hound

Evening Performance
fantasy, wonder, religion
Don't Forget My NameTokyo


Ghostly Place, History
anime, mystery, romance
The Dark Guardian: A Murderer?Escape

Confrontation At The Zoo

noir, crime, Batman
The Day Of The FalconEscape With A Prayer

Did She Speak?

The Curse Broken
fantasy, medieval, romance
Able DangerAirport Surveillance

Taken to Luther

To Times Square
crime, thriller, conspiracy, noir
Stranger Things Alternate ScoreVan Chasemystery, suspense, fiction
Soundtrack Alley Podcast Musicpodcast, intro, fanfare
Polyeder Podcast MusicIntro Musicfunctional, energetic
IncogMain Titlespsychological drama, nightmarish, surreal
Araclia Role-playing GameScenery, darkgaming, fantasy, loop

I hope you enjoyed this little selection.┬áSome albums are also available on global music streaming services. If you’re looking for something in particular, let me know!