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 YearProjectDetailsFeatured TrackTag
2017Stranger Things Alternate ScoreDetailsVan Chasemystery, suspense, fiction
2017Soundtrack Alley Podcast MusicDetailspodcast, intro, fanfare
2017Faendalar (2017)DetailsLand of the Faeriesfairy-tale, fantasy, colorful
2016The Dark Guardian: A Murderer?DetailsResolutionnoir, crime, Batman
2016The Curse of the White WolfDetailsGathering of the Wolveswinter, fantasy, classical
2012Polyeder Podcast MusicDetailsIntro Musicfunctional, energetic
2008Able DangerDetailsEnd Credits I+IIcrime, thriller, conspiracy, noir
2007IncogDetailsMain Titlespsychological drama, nightmarish, surreal
2006Araclia Role-playing GameDetailsExcerptsgaming, fantasy, loop
2006The V.M. Legacyhigh-tech thriller, drama
2005Children of the Desertadventure, exotic, oriental
2005The Painterthriller, drama
2004The Temple of the Spidergodfantasy, archaic, exotic, adventure
2003Spacescience fiction, contemporary
2001The Relicmedieval, fantasy, romantic, heroic
1999Goldfallspiritual, intimate, fantasy, drama
1998Yenaia's Questswashbuckling, pirate, jungle, adventure
1997The Prince and the Iceprincesswinter, piano, fairy-tale
1997Faendalarfairy-tale, fantasy, colorful
1996Wyrmsholfantasy, colorful, adventure
1995The White Wolfwinter, fantasy, classical
1994The Bard's Tunedark, horror, suspense, romantic
1994Wands, Cups and Swordspsychedelic, diverse
1993Shumirsuspense, crime, fantasy, murder
1993The Major Arcanapsychedelic, diverse