The Dark Guardian: A Murderer?

This composition is soundtrack to an animation bringing to life the famous and beloved 4-part series “The Bat-Murderer” from the 1970’s Batman comics which was written by the late Len Wein. In this exciting arc the darknight detective is framed for the murder of Talia al Ghul and struggling to prove his innocence until he gets unexpected help from an old friend, the Creeper.

The story is an old-fashioned crime story with a touch of “noir” and it has lots of characters and twists and turns. The challenge in scoring the animation video was developing a musical identity despite scenes were much shorter than they would have been in a real movie. I went with a set of leitmotives (for Batman, Talia, Ra’s al Ghul and the Creeper) and applied them in a 1970’s-, Goldsmith-kind of fashion.

Mark of Zorro is available on all major streaming services and on Youtube.

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