Conan “light”

As part of my personal “throwback series” of re-composing/re-arranging compositions that I did in my early years, I’ve recently finished working on “The Temple of the Spidergod”. Why even bother about something I did 20 years go? First of all, I’m emotionally attached to this composition which got me my first composing award back in… Continue reading Conan “light”

Bye bye Cubase…

As are probably many of you, I’m constantly improving my workflows and adjusting my templates. So far this has been a burdensome process, particularly in Cubase which offers practically nothing to manage templates, not even a browse function to select the template you’d like to update. It’s sad. Then I read one of Robin Hoffmann’s… Continue reading Bye bye Cubase…

The Holy Grail of Reverbs

For musicians the search for the perfect reverb plug-in is like the quest for the holy grail. As I started out composing with samples I first used algorithmic reverb, then was the arrival of convolution reverbs and I used the inexpensive, but very potent SIR engine with an impulse response from something called TC 3000.… Continue reading The Holy Grail of Reverbs

Virtual Instruments Upgrade in sight

It’s time for a tech update in context with a rehash of my “customer journey” through the world of sample libraries: I started out with samples in 2001 with Vienna Symphonic Library (then called “Opus 1”, later “Vienna Special Edition”). I think I kind of excelled at using them for my compositions, but increasing expectations… Continue reading Virtual Instruments Upgrade in sight

Track by Track: Day of the Falcon – Main Titles

My 2019 released album Day of the Falcon is the result of another rescoring project, its object of course being the 1985 fantasy film Ladyhawke starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Rutger Hauer and Matthew Broderick. This project aimed at finding a completely different tone than the original in order to show the huge impact a score can… Continue reading Track by Track: Day of the Falcon – Main Titles

Your Name, My Name, Our Name… naming matters!!

Recently I released my latest composition Don’t Forget My Name on streaming services worldwide. You probably think that the album title doesn’t matter too much. Well, that’s what I thought too. Let me tell you a story… It all started with the legal question of how to label the composition altogether. For obvious reasons the… Continue reading Your Name, My Name, Our Name… naming matters!!