Ladyhawke Alternate Score in Numbers

Now that composing the Ladyhawke alternate score is finished, it’s time to look back. Here’s some numbers about the project:

  • The total running time of the movie is 1 hour 58 minutes (118 minutes).
  • The alternate score consists of 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) music. (This is a little more than the original soundtrack by Andrew Powell who let the music pause between some scenes that I connected musically.)
  • I started with composing the main titles before christmas 2017 and finished the whole score a few days ago, roughly amounting to 3 months time.
  • In that timespan there were 75 days on which I composed music.
  • Based on update timestamps of my project files I worked on the score for 304 hours (including mixing).
  • My average composing session was 4 hours long.
  • I saved my project file 83 times to a new version.
  • There are 33 scenes/tracks. Actually there is one more, but it’s brief and musically not so interesting, so I haven’t included it in the final score.
  • There are 150 sync points with changes of mood or scenery or on-screen actions that needed to be reflected in the music.
  • The tracks are in average 2:20 min long.┬áThe shortest track is 34″ long, the longest 4’55”.
  • The project makes use of 80 instrument tracks, each one containing an instrument or articulation of that instrument.
  • The audio/mixing application holds 107 channels including group and effect channels with 25 effect plugins (equalizer, reverb, compressor…).
  • The music is based on 5 themes/motives: Curse Theme (Main Theme), Navarre’s Theme, Isabeau’s Theme, a motif for Philippe (rarely used) and the Bishop’s Theme (mainly used as a theme for his guards).

I hope you found that interesting and feel inspired to binge-listen to the alternate score which will be made available on this website very soon. Meanwhile I invite you to watch the Ladyhawke Alternate Playlist on YouTube!


  1. I am interested in syncing this audio to the movie, could you share the movie time stamps for each track so i can sync it properly?

    Very awesome, by the way! While I am all about maintaining movies in their original form, the sound track for this gem is just plain hard to cope with.

    1. Thank you, David, for your kind comment! Yes, Ladyhawke is pretty awesome and it was quite a challenge to come up with something different without ruining the whole thing. Unfortunately I don’t have the timestamps. I just imported the video in my DAW and went directly from there. I’d love to see the whole movie with my music score, but I have no means to replace the original score with my music without removing the whole audio, so I guess we have to leave that to our imagination. Enjoy the music & best wishes for you and your baby!

  2. Nevermind. Between taking care of the baby and skimming your site, I didn’t think to check your Youtube channel. Awesome work!

  3. Nicely done! It would be fascinating to watch the film with your score. Aside from somehow obtaining an un-scored copy of the film that will be nearly impossible. I am sure the number of hours and effort needed for SFX and ADR would meet or exceed what you put into your fine score.

    1. Thanks, Kirk, for your kind comment! Yes, indeed that would be a great thing, but I guess we have to rely on our imagination for that. Final cuts without score are generally hard to find, not only in this case.

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