Goldfall X-Mas Pt. 2 of 3

In case you missed the first part, this is a nice little winter’s tale with elements of fantasy and detective story which I thought might spark some christmas mood. If you wonder what it’s got to do with my site, it’s actually background story for my upcoming album release “Goldfall”. Be sure to check out Part 1 before reading on.

Part 2

Night falls over Goldfall. Through the howling wind Envio who is too puzzled by the events of the day to find sleep hears a distant sound. It’s the notes of a harp playing a phrase, followed by a deep rumble. Envio tries to whistle the phrase to memorize it. Something tells him that music is an important piece of the puzzle.

On the next day Envio climbs to the Goldfall promenade, a small trail that leads over to the divine rock, from which he has a wonderful view over the village. Someone nearby shows him which buildings belong to whom and so he learns that his tavern is just opposite Ardia’s house. As he measures the impressive mansion located at the rock he suddenly has an idea.

By the time everyone is asleep Envio leaves his tavern to sneak into Ardia’s house. He is convinced that something is wrong about the old lady. He discovers lots of pictures of her, all of them showing her as she looked in her prime, not one of them as she is now. Then he discovers her golden concert harp and suddenly he remembers the phrase he heard the other night. He manages to pluck the right strings and suddenly one wall shifts aside, rumbling loudly and giving way to a passage leading directly into the rock…

To be continued in Part 3.

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