Goldfall X-Mas Pt. 1 of 3

Christmas is coming, and it’s fitting that my upcoming album is about something that could as well be a christmas story – a detective story, set in winter, having to do with religion and about believing in the power of good. Let me share this story with you in three parts:

Part 1

Imagine a medieval-fantasy world and a young man who tries to make that world a better place by solving crimes wherever they appear. Out of curiousity this wannabe-investigator with the name of Envio joins a large group of pilgrims on their way to Goldfall.

Goldfall is a small, but unusually wealthy mountain village set around a water spring about which the local tale says that it once saved the life of an orphan. The little child almost froze to death, when she suddenly came about a pond. Then she heard the goddess beckon her enter the water which normally would have killed her. But the girl believed so strongly in her goddess that she was sent a miracle: wonderful, warm, glistening gold coming out of the rock, warming the child and saving her life. Since that day, the “Goldfall” miracle takes place every year at the same time.

And so it is expected to happen this year, as the followers of the goddess gather at the holy site, praying and watching the rock until it’s supposed to release its divine gold into the pond. Envio is sceptical and not exactly a believer, but he joins out of curiousity. The mood rises, and so does the excitement, but then, as the time comes, the miracle fails to happen. Instead, all people present are suddenly struck by severe headache.

In the evening the priests of the temple announce the little that they found out in their contemplation: The goddess denied the people the annual miracle because of a sacrilege, a crime committed by human out of vanity and egoism. To make up for it, they convince the elder harp player Ardia, a dignified and respected lady, to share her divine gift of music with the pilgrims. Ardia’s ballad performed out in the open on a wonderful golden concert harp makes the people indeed forget about the failed miracle for a few minutes. However not Envio who is again very suspicious of her and uses his minor magical powers to find out if there’s magic involved in her playing. And indeed it is.

Part 2 will be released very soon!

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