Cherry Blossom Impromptu

Every once in a while I just sit down at the piano and play what comes to mind. Most of those musical ideas vanish just as fast, but some of them are memorable enough to stay, and that’s usually when they’re better than the rest. As soon as I have the feeling that there’s something there worth keeping, I make a selfie video with my smart phone. That’s the fastest way of preserving musical ideas. It’s happened recently with this little impromptu. (If you didn’t know what an impromptu is – I had to look it up as well, I have to admit – it’s a piece of music, usually for piano, that is based on an improvised, simple idea and it has the form A – B – A). So here it is, my impromptu. Instead of giving it a number, I named it “Cherry Blossom”. Enjoy!


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