Out now: Goldfall

Yet another “new release” post? Not at all. This is really special and if you’re into orchestral, melodic, romantic filmmusic, you should definitely give this a listen. Particularly because Goldfall has been my first (and hopefully not my last) collaboration with the talented viola/violin player Natalia Wierzbicka a.k.a. Nat Willow. As you know I’m specializing… Continue reading Out now: Goldfall

Have a Coffee with the Arts

I recently discovered a new (?) platform named “Ko-Fi” where people, particularly creators, can have a profile page, publish posts, pictures, audio files and video links. People to visit their pages can “buy them a coffee” by pushing a button which is essentially a donate button. Xanderscores on Ko-Fi So far I’ve not considered going… Continue reading Have a Coffee with the Arts

Half-year wrap-up

For me the Covid situation shook up 2020’s first half in different ways. First I had fallen sick for almost two months and lost 1/7 of my weight during that short period of time. Then came lockdown and with it homeschooling which was challenging on another level. With lockdown also came homeworking which meant sitting… Continue reading Half-year wrap-up

Conan “light”

As part of my personal “throwback series” of re-composing/re-arranging compositions that I did in my early years, I’ve recently finished working on “The Temple of the Spidergod”. Why even bother about something I did 20 years go? First of all, I’m emotionally attached to this composition which got me my first composing award back in… Continue reading Conan “light”

Bye bye Cubase…

As are probably many of you, I’m constantly improving my workflows and adjusting my templates. So far this has been a burdensome process, particularly in Cubase which offers practically nothing to manage templates, not even a browse function to select the template you’d like to update. It’s sad. Then I read one of Robin Hoffmann’s… Continue reading Bye bye Cubase…