New Release: “Faendalar”

I’m very happy to announce that my music for Faendalar has recently been released on Spotify, iTunes, Google Play Music, Tidal, Amazon Music & Co.

Faendalar is one of my most beloved compositions, written in 1996 (when I was 22) for a 16-track Korg 01W synthesizer workstation – yes, no DAW back then. The music is the soundtrack to a short story about a fantasy land which is ripped from its native inhabitants (unicorns, faeries etc.) by an evil king. Years later, the king’s son learns of his father’s wrongdoing and sets out for a quest to return the land to the faeries.

Since Faendalar is deeply symphonic in its orchestration and structure, I decided in 2017 to revive it using samples from the Vienna Symphonic Library. After many weeks of tweaking and tuning and mixing and mastering, Faendalar is now available on global music services for old and new fans to enjoy it!

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