Guess-The-Rescore #17 – Connection

Today’s track is very special: Firstly, it scores a key scene in which one character experiences scenes from the life of another – past and future. Secondly because it’s the first music I ever wrote which made me actually cry when I listened to it for the first time in sync with the video material. I guess I’m becoming too emotional with age…

How it works: Based on the music and on small hints that I include in this blogpost series, you can try and guess what movie is being rescored. And yes, this is just for your entertainment, there’s no money to be won. Whether or not you know the movie it should be fun to guess what’s going on in the scenes that you’re going to hear. I won’t confirm or deny anything in order to keep it exciting for everyone as long as possible. Resolution will be on December 24th. (At the time this series starts I’m still in the process of composing (though already done with it) which means the final versions might be slightly different, as some polishing and mastering will occur afterwards.)

Now here’s today’s music. Can you guess what it’s been written for?

#17 – Connection
Scenes from the life of another.


I hope you enjoy the music and the guessing! If you have an idea, share your suggestions in the comments or on Twitter. Have fun and don’t miss the next piece of music!

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