End Credits Music for “Your Name”

The end of the year is near and it’s fitting that I share with you the one track from my #GuessTheRescore challenge that I haven’t included in my advent calendar yet. I’m talking about the (of course alternate) End Credits to the anime movie Your Name. For composers the End Credits are always a great… Continue reading End Credits Music for “Your Name”

Guess-The-Rescore #24 – Searching and Epilogue

We’ve come to the end – the end of the film and the end of this advent calendar. Below you find the answer to the rescore riddle. I hope you had fun and enjoyed listening to the music even if you didn’t find out or don’t know the film at all. I had a great… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #24 – Searching and Epilogue

Guess-The-Rescore #23 – The Comet

We have arrived at the key moment of the story. The music accompanies the girl who’s tried so much to avoid the catastrophe, but ultimately seems to have failed. The music starts when she has no strength left, spending her last thoughts on her love. Suddenly that gives her the strength to get up, carry… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #23 – The Comet

Guess-The-Rescore #22 – The Time Has Come

Though it’s not the last one, this track actually scores the finale of the film. It’s dramatic and functions as a pulse in this long scene which covers many perspectives and characters. Some of them believe that something terrible is about to happen while others expect the same event to be a beautiful sight. How… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #22 – The Time Has Come

Guess-The-Rescore #21 – A Moment Together

A magical moment arises in today’s track: Our two people are temporarily able to meet on a particular place at a particular time. The music leads through three stages – uneasy, solemn and relief – before it fades out and the magical moment ends. How it works: Based on the music and on small hints… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #21 – A Moment Together

Guess-The-Rescore #20 – Realization

It’s complicated – again. There’s a kind of flashback and finally some important realization about events that happened in the past. That’s also our hint of the day: The whole story is about some kind of time “travel”. How it works: Based on the music and on small hints that I include in this blogpost… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #20 – Realization

Guess-The-Rescore #19 – Worried, The Town Gone

Today’s track was not easy to compose. It’s got a lot of psychology in it as it’s about a girl who is worried about the future and expressing that notion to others. There’s some subtle, yet fast changes of mood and, in the end, also a change of scenery. Personal note: I like the french… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #19 – Worried, The Town Gone

Guess-The-Rescore #18 – Mission Briefing

Awkward music awaits today as three kids prepare for a somewhat childish plan. Enjoy some Mission Impossible¬†heist music clich√©s embedded in comic relief. How it works: Based on the music and on small hints that I include in this blogpost series, you can try and guess what movie is being rescored. And yes, this is… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #18 – Mission Briefing

Guess-The-Rescore #17 – Connection

Today’s track is very special: Firstly, it scores a key scene in which one character experiences scenes from the life of another – past and future. Secondly because it’s the first music I ever wrote which made me actually cry when I listened to it for the first time in sync with the video material.… Continue reading Guess-The-Rescore #17 – Connection