End Credits Music for “Your Name”

The end of the year is near and it’s fitting that I share with you the one track from my #GuessTheRescore challenge that I haven’t included in my advent calendar yet. I’m talking about the (of course alternate) End Credits to the anime movie Your Name.

For composers the End Credits are always a great opportunity to make the most of thematic material that’s been developed for a film score. In this case I arranged it in a way that could well be transformed into a song, mainly because the original End Credits actually are a song. You can’t force a chart breaker, obviously, but I believe a song that’s included in a movie gets more interesting by sharing its thematic idea with the underscore.

Anyway, here’s the End Credits music to my rescore project of 2018,¬†Your Name, based on its Destiny Theme.¬†Enjoy – and please like and share!


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