End Credits Music for “Your Name”

The end of the year is near and it’s fitting that I share with you the one track from my #GuessTheRescore challenge that I haven’t included in my advent calendar yet. I’m talking about the (of course alternate) End Credits to the anime movie Your Name.

For composers the End Credits are always a great opportunity to make the most of thematic material that’s been developed for a film score. In this case I arranged it in a way that could well be transformed into a song, mainly because the original End Credits actually are a song. You can’t force a chart breaker, obviously, but I believe a song that’s included in a movie gets more interesting by sharing its thematic idea with the underscore.

Anyway, here’s the End Credits music to my rescore project of 2018, Your Name, based on its Destiny Theme. Enjoy – and please like and share!


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