The Day Of The Falcon

The Day Of The Falcon is music inspired by and in sync with the 1985 fantasy film Ladyhawke directed by Richard Donner. It is a favorite of mine and an interview on Soundtrack Alley that I gave in 2017 brought up the question how Ladyhawke would have turned out with a purely orchestral score, perhaps from the hands of Jerry Goldsmith. At the beginning of 2018 I accepted the challenge to rescore the picture. I dedicate it to the film’s director whom I deeply admire.

Composing took me about 3 months resulting in 75 minutes of music (see this post for some interesting stats). If you love medieval-fantasy romantic film scores, even if you’re a fan of the original (as am I, btw), you should give it a listen! I hope you enjoy listening as much as I did composing the score.

The Day of the Falcon has been released on global music services!
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Featured Track: Did She Speak

All scenes with alternate score: The original videos with my alternate score is not available to the public. Access to this collection is password protected. Meanwhile you can listen to this playlist:

TrackScene PictureNameLengthDownload
1. *Opening and Main Titles3:10
2.Dungeon Crawl1:43
3.Escape With A Prayer1:08
4. *The Bishop's Guard2:20
5. *The Tavern1:52
6.Saving The Mouse2:45
7. *Dangerous Woods4:55
8. *"Did She Speak?"2:19
9. *Ambush4:38
11. *"Are You Flesh?", The Healing3:07
12. *Tower Scene3:02
13.The Hunter And The Trap3:57
14. *"Not Even That"2:17
15.Separate Ways1:08
16. *Frozen Lake2:36
17. *Transformation3:23
18.Into The City4:30
19. *Into The Cathedral1:41
20.Final Fight Pt. 14:37
21. *Final Fight Pt. 22:25
22. *The Curse Broken2:35
23. *Reunited and End Credits5:12
Bonus 1.Underwater0:55
Bonus 2.Sunrise0:42
Bonus 3.Saddle Bag0:55
Bonus 4.Sunset0:41
Bonus 5.Nocturnal Activity0:34
Bonus 6.Captured0:46
Bonus 7.Talking About Love1:07
Bonus 8.Same Direction1:06
Bonus 9.The Promise0:49
Bonus 10.The Lady Appears1:04