Xanderscores Update 12/2023

I haven’t posted here for a while which is a good sign because it means I’ve been very busy composing. Here’s a quick update about what I’ve been doing in the last months:

  • I’ve worked myself a bit into Midjourney which is an AI that creates images based on prompts. I used this to create new cover artworks for many of my albums. I’ve also had them replaced on streaming sites.
  • I’ve tweaked my orchestral template, experimented with Synchron Winds, integrating Orchestral Tools stuff (that I had previously thrown out, but still kind of cling to), trying out Pacific Strings etc.
  • I’ve started to re-create older compositions of mine, adapting them to my current template for better listening experience. This has also been a valuable lesson in orchestral mockup production because I discovered why some things work and some don’t. Projects that have already been completely re-programmed and re-released on streaming services are: Batman: The Bat-Murderer (formerly known as Dark Guardian) and Goldeneye (formerly known as Project Gold-N.I.).
  • I’ve also adapted a really old composition of mine, “The White Wolf“, and I created a video using Midjourney images to tell the story which the music is based upon. This video has turned out really great and will be released soon! Don’t miss it!
  • Currently I’m converting music that I previously released under the title “The Third Act”, which is my rescore of the film “Prestige”. This will probably take until the end of the year.
  • After that I might have a chance to record the Main Titles track from my Zorro score with a real orchestra (made possible through a shared orchestra sessions on patreon). This will be somewhat laborious for me because preparing a written score isn’t something that I’m used to. There’s probably some learning of new apps involved and I think I’ll also need to make some changes in the orchestration to make it sound great with the line-up given. I’m already very excited and I really hope it’s going to happen!

You see, lots of things going on. Thanks for now for reading and taking interest in what I’m doing. Have a great christmas time and stay well!

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