Zorro, Black Phone and Facebook

These days I’m having a good time composing music. First this year I finished the “Mark of Zorro” rescore, then I moved on to do something entirely different, the recently released thriller “Black Phone”.

Both scores couldn’t be any more different, one being lush, swashbuckling, strictly orchestral in the fashion of Golden-age Hollywood scores, the other hybrid, atonal and psychological, but of course it wouldn’t be me if I hadn’t included a strong theme and moments of orchestral grandeur, again very unlike the film’s original score.

Today I want to present you with scenes from both of them. While Zorro is already available on streaming services, Black Phone will be very soon. Stay tuned and let me know what you think!

Here’s a scene from Zorro, where he makes his first appearance in the film, showing the local Alcalde who is boss.

And here we are with a first peek at Black Phone in a scene where the kidnapped boy, Finney, gets a call from one of the previous victims, telling him he hasn’t got much time left and how to escape the dreaded grabber.

By the way: I recently registered with Facebook because of a number of great communities over there. If you’re there too, find me there and let me know!

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