Alternate Scores on Youtube

In 2019 YT has changed a lot about its policies. They are now much more strict and likely to ban videos if they seem to conflict with copyrights. That’s a problem when it comes to publish rescored material, because, though the music is originally mine, the video content of course isn’t.

I’ve thought quite a bit about how to make not only my music available to the public, but also the context it’s been written for, because I feel that it’s mainly the combination of music and picture that heightens the value of film music compositions. Therefore I’ve created stills from the videos for every major syncpoint, put them through a comic filter and combine them in a video which plays along to the music. Not only does it look quite good (imo), but I also hope that this is sufficient change to the original material to be legally safe. I can’t be sure of course, but since I do it just for fun, no commercial purpose at all, I hope to be on the light side of the force.

In this fashion I’m currently uploading a video almost every day, starting with “The Day of the Falcon” (Ladyhawke rescored) and then moving on to “Don’t Forget My Name” (Your Name rescored). Some videos, including my Stranger Things score, have already been uploaded, so please – check them out, enjoy, and leave your feedback where I can find it!


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