Half-year wrap-up

For me the Covid situation shook up 2020’s first half in different ways. First I had fallen sick for almost two months and lost 1/7 of my weight during that short period of time. Then came lockdown and with it homeschooling which was challenging on another level. With lockdown also came homeworking which meant sitting… Continue reading Half-year wrap-up

Rescore Project finished: “Your Name”

I’m happy to share with you the final version of my latest rescore project, the 2016 anime Your Name, and also the story behind it: My daugther immediately fell in love with the book and the film and showed it to me. While we were watching she said in more than one instance that she… Continue reading Rescore Project finished: “Your Name”

Alternate score for Ladyhawke finished composing

It’s done. I’ve finished composing and mixing the Ladyhawke alternate orchestral score that I’ve been working on for the last 3 months. I will gather some facts and numbers about the process to share with you very soon. For the time being, please enjoy the music as synced to picture via this Youtube-playlist. Audio files… Continue reading Alternate score for Ladyhawke finished composing