Have a Coffee with the Arts

I recently discovered a new (?) platform named “Ko-Fi” where people, particularly creators, can have a profile page, publish posts, pictures, audio files and video links. People to visit their pages can “buy them a coffee” by pushing a button which is essentially a donate button.

Xanderscores on Ko-Fi

So far I’ve not considered going to any crowdfunding site like Patreon, because the majority of my projects are labors of love and deliberately going against the zeitgeist. However, I recently started to change my mind about this subject. Even though I compose for the love of it, there’s plenty of reasons to not give it all away just for free.

The main reason being that most artists generate income with their creations and providing music for free kind of undermines the monetary value of the arts in general. Particularly in times like these such considerations in the big picture should be made. I don’t want to be too quick about it and take all my stuff down right now, but the wheels in my head are starting to turn.

Long story short, if you value what I do and if you value music compositions in general, please consider buying me a coffee. Or buy someone else a coffee. Or go and buy a CD. Don’t just enjoy free content on the web, because for the artist it’s not free. It’s pricey computers and samples, it’s hard work, it’s time and sometimes sweat and blood.

Thanks for appreciating!

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