Scoring Abiogenesis for the BIFSC 2020

Around christmas 2020 I engaged in a scoring competition which offered me the opportunity to come up with original music for the animated sci-fi short film Abiogenesis. Though I didn’t win, I’d like to think that I did a pretty good job. Of course I stuck to my hobby horse which is composing old-school symphonic music, but I also went into new musical realms in terms of harmony and orchestration, also trying out new instruments and articulations from sample libraries.

In the community I got very favourable reviews for my music (thanks for that!), but there was also interesting feedback that I take seriously and which might lead me to reconsider some approaches that I’ve come to use on a regular basis.

As now some months have passed, I decided to polish the track, tweak the master effects chain and publish the whole thing as a still video containing all major sync points for you to enjoy.

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