Xanderscores Summer Update

Summer is coming and it’s time for a short update on what I’m doing when I’m not fighting temperatures beyond 30°C.

Some of you might already know that I’ve finished composing a score titled THUNDER ISLAND which is essentially an improved arrangement of a pirate score that I wrote in 1997. Back then I was quite inspired by Korngold and Rozsa and it shows in some of the tracks. THUNDER ISLAND is currently in the final phase of mixing and will be released very soon.

At the same time I’ve finished composing my latest re-score project, alternate music for the James Bond movie “Goldeneye”. Apart from a title song which I’m not yet sure if I’m going to take a shot at, all tracks are finished, but here I’m also in the mixing phase, trying out different approaches to get to the most convincing sound possible. Now – because you are here and reading this, I want to say thank you by presenting you with the premiere of the teaser video right here and now. Enjoy!

Gold-NI Project Teaser Video

Speaking of mixing: For my last three projects THIRD ACT, SPIDERGOD and GOLDFALL I’ve heavily relied on processing the entire mix meaning that I didn’t treat instrument busses differently. Mainly because I felt the reverb information baked in the OT samples had enough room information. I’ve watched a few (many) videos on mixing since then and I’m now returning to routing stems to different busses and treating them with different reverb settings. This approach is inspired by Alex Pfeffer who didn’t invent it, but explained it quite well one of his mixing videos which I recommend watching. I’m still in the process of finding my way with this method, but I can already tell that there’s more clarity in my mix and it’s a better way of controlling the low end. Expect another post on this in the future.

Uh yes, I’ve also taken first steps with Discord which has a number of communities, some of them being part of patreon projects, but this is also something that I’m getting into eventually. If anyone likes to connect with me over there, feel free to send me a note.

About my endeavours at the espresso machine, trying to find the perfect mix there too, I’m not going into detail.

Thanks for dropping by, stay safe and healthy & have a great summer!!

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