I’m in multi-upgrade mode

In case you’re wondering why it’s a bit silent here, especially after I put out so much music during the first months of 2018, the reason is: I thought it was time to upgrade my DAW. That keeps me busy these days. Cubase has gone to 9.5, hardware has gotten new firmware and drivers and I even got myself a few new sample libraries to experiment with, in particular the Spitfire Symphonic series, the L.A. Studio Strings and the L.A. Drama Drums. That’s quite a big addition to my existing set of instruments, so I have to spend some time digging through those samples and building new templates. This time I’m going to make use of expression maps in Cubase, so it might take a while before I can go back to composing.

To spend the time efficiently, I’ve also considered putting my music on YouTube which is becoming increasingly popular for audio streaming only. That’s why I’m currently trying to modify a few open licence artwork and fotos so that they make a decent cover for my works. And – drumroll! – I’ve also decided to release stuff on Spotify! Thanks btw to Soundcast host Christopher Coleman for convincing me to do that, pointing out that being there even without being a big search hit, is better than not being there at all. Of course there’s some things to prepare for that. I’ll keep you posted about my efforts, meanwhile look out for any new YouTube “videos” on my channel!

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