I’m live! I’m live!

Celebrate with me because as of today I’m officially content provider to social media music platforms!! (Yay!)

A few days ago I signed with Distrokid which is an aggregator service that channels my music to iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Amazon, Deezer, Tidal and other music providers. I decided to start my releases with my composition for the Batman: The Bat-Murderer soundtrack. Since it is a fan-service and no official DC product I released it under a different title, just to be legally safe, but other than that it’s still the same music and I hope you enjoy it!


If you want to help me get my stats up a bit, please play my music, include it in playlists and share! And don’t forget to follow me on Spotify – I promise to release more music very soon! I very much appreciate your support!

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