Easy Mixing Advice: Use Pre-Defined EQ Settings

If you’re like me then you are reluctant to use pre-defined settings, knowing that each situation requires specific treatment.

That’s true, but if you’re just starting out using EQ and not really well versed, you might do your composition more harm than good. One possible way to go is: Look at the pre-defined settings and templates your EQ plug-in comes with and use them as they are. I’ve found it quite useful to stack such settings. For example, I use two instances of the same EQ plug-in to improve the sound of my Curse of the White Wolf composition (to be updated soon). One improves the overall sound by tweaking the 500 Hz range, the other one enhances clarity by tending to the high frequencies. Both settings could be combined in one if you know how, but this is the safer way. And it has an advantage: If you tweak one aspect, for example the high range, you leave the other aspect, in this case the 500 Hz range, intact.

My approach: Try different pre-defined settings, find the one that fits best and then, leave it as is. Add another instance to do additional tweaking if necessary.

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