Out now: Goldfall

Yet another “new release” post? Not at all. This is really special and if you’re into orchestral, melodic, romantic filmmusic, you should definitely give this a listen.

Particularly because Goldfall has been my first (and hopefully not my last) collaboration with the talented viola/violin player Natalia Wierzbicka a.k.a. Nat Willow. As you know I’m specializing in sample-based composition and always looking for new ways to make them even more convincing and “human”. I’m proud to say that Nat’s performances elevate “Goldfall” to a new level of beauty and emotion.

The Pilgrims (from “Goldfall”) on Soundcloud

Click here to listen on your favorite streaming service

There’s little to add, apart from a few links that you might enjoy:

  • Here’s a summary of the story on which the composition is based upon. Read about a story of a miracle in the midst of winter, pilgrims, the vanity of a harp player and a sacrilege crime that is to be solved.
  • Fun fact: Though I did some re-arranging and re-orchestrating, the composition is pretty much as it was in 1998 when I originally wrote it and produced it with a synthesizer. I was about half the age that I’m now, so it might not be my most mature composition, but certainly one full of heart.
  • For those who follow me closely enough to know of this page: You can find the music also in the Program Music section! Enjoy!

Lastly, here’s the Goldfall “trailer video” containing footage from Natalia and myself:

Goldfall Promo Video

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