Danny Elfman in Vienna

What an extraordinary evening! Yesterday I attended the Hollywood In Vienna concert, where the Radio Symphonie Orchester first performed film music gems from the genre fantasy and fairy-tale, before moving on to a Danny Elfman tribute.

Elfman himself was there, sitting 4 rows behind me, smiling at the audience. He was presented with the Max Steiner achievement award for outstanding film music in what might be called the Vienna school of film music, based on the works of Steiner and Korngold. Without going too much into detail, I have to say, this was one of the most moving moments in my life. Being there, surrounded by those great themes and melodies of my childhood, being in the same room with Danny Elfman who has always been one of my favourite composers (and also one of my biggest influences) was just breathtaking. When they played a suite from Batman, I almost lost it. Thank you, Danny Elfman, for composing the soundtrack of my life with your outstanding music!

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