Music for “Offline” Gaming

First of all, a big “Thank you” to all readers of this page. If my statistics are correct, there are already 400 people reading my posts. This is just awesome – thanks and please keep visiting!

This time I’d like to highlight another works of mine, the ARACLIA Role-playing Game Music which I composed in 2006. Mission goal was to create “esthetically pleasing symphonic music” to accompany (and not interfere with – which was quite a challenge!) the game master of a pen&paper role-playing game – it doesn’t get more offline than that! In contrast to what most roleplaying-game music does, the Araclia RPG Music was to address certain dramatic situations in particular instead of providing a musical wallpaper to be played during the entire gaming session. That’s why the tracks are short and distinct. Of course there are also some “mood tracks” and some that even had to be playable in a loop, but those are only a few.

I’m still a little proud of the outcome, mainly because I managed to give it a musical integrity, with recurring themes and overall-mood, despite the need for varied atmospheric context, and also because I managed to compose and produce (!) the whole album within three week’s time. I still remember the mixing process at the end, with my KRK monitors and a cheap little mobile phone speaker – as equal references. Almost ridiculous!

You can find and listen to the Araclia RPG Music on this project page. Enjoy!

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