I’m on YouTube

Just wanted to let you know that as of today I’m … on … YouTube! Xanderscores YouTube Channel Alongside with billions of other people, I guess. But they do not have my compositions on their channel, so maybe you want to check it out. So far I’ve uploaded the Batman: The Bat-Murderer videos and a… Continue reading I’m on YouTube

Faendalar, 21 years later

Back in 1996, I was 22 then (sigh), I composed symphonic music to a fairy-tale like adventure story, using a KORG 01W workstation with a built-in 16-track sequencer. Even though it sounded okay, I’ve always dreamed of hearing this composition performed by a real orchestra. This year I took the effort of re-arranging Faendalar for… Continue reading Faendalar, 21 years later

Enter The Batman

I’m proud to start this site off with Batman: The Bat-Murderer as its first project page to be published. Not only does it contain tracklist and background info, but you can also download all tracks – meaning: the entire soundtrack! There’s also an embedded video where the music unfold its potential in sync to picture.… Continue reading Enter The Batman

New website

For many years my web presence as a composer was built on the brand “creartistic music”. I’ve recently decided to abandon that approach in favor of a more personal, human touch. Therefore this new website is not about abstract brand names, but about me as a person and a musician. With a fresh, contemporary look… Continue reading New website