Rescore Project finished: “Your Name”

I’m happy to share with you the final version of my latest rescore project, the 2016 anime Your Name, and also the story behind it:

My daugther immediately fell in love with the book and the film and showed it to me. While we were watching she said in more than one instance that she was annoyed by the music because it made her feel “lonely”. I found that interesting and decided to compose new music as a x-mas gift to her. I originally intended to rescore 3 or 4 scenes like I did with Stranger Things, but when it came to deciding which ones, I realized there are so many great scenes in the movie that also make for excellent scoring opportunities. And since initial composing went along very well – I was able to write 3-5 minutes per evening (you know, I work during daytime) – I came up with a full score very quickly.

This alternate score is now available on this page for you to enjoy. If you’re short on time, like most of us are, I recommend listening to the following 3 tracks.


Scene 05: Tokyo
This is where Mitsuha as Taki discovers she is finally in the big bustling city of Tokyo with all its wonders.


Scene 17: Connection
This is where Taki’s mind after drinking an old potion wanders through various stations in Mitsuha’s life, past, present and (threatening) future.


Scene 14: Ghostly Place, History
Here Taki finally arrives at the crater site and discovers it’s all dead and deserted. Back in town he researches the victims of the comet catastrophe and discovers something striking.


If you like those tracks, I’m sure you’re going to listen to the rest. Don’t forget to let me know what you think and in case you enjoyed it, like and share, because you know – sharing is caring! 🙂 Thank you & have a great start into 2019!

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